Youth Support

“Sandra will be a strong voice for all Ontarians. I believe, with her experience, enthusiasm, and passion, that Sandra is the candidate with the best vision for our future.”
Gathya Monogaran
Policy Director
York University Young Liberals

“Sandra Pupatello has the experience that counts! Sandra’s successes, especially as a Minister of Education, make her my choice for the leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party.”
Josh Kaine
Ottawa West-Nepean Young Liberals

“I’m endorsing Sandra because I believe she can win the next election. We need to choose a leader who has a strong grasp on the way that voters feel all across the province. Sandra’s understanding of rural issues will allow Ontarians to vote for a Premier who has their best interests at heart.”
Kennedy Ryan
Western Liberals

“I am proud to be standing as a delegate for this amazing and talented woman, a leader that Ontario needs now more than ever. She has proved during her campaign that she’s feisty and ready to lead!”
Pavan Sapra
Vice-President (Outreach)
Carleton University Young Liberals

“Sandra’s record in government illustrates the perfect balance of social progress and fiscal pragmatism. With provincial politics becoming anything but balanced, that’s something Ontario sorely needs. As a student, I’m looking to Sandra to ensure that Ontario’s economy is our top priority now and into the future.”
John Patrick Stanley
Executive Vice-President
Queen’s University Liberal Association

“As a Young Liberal, I’m looking for a candidate to bring real leadership to our party. I came into this race as a supporter of Glen Murray, but after taking another look at the candidates, feel that Sandra Pupatello has what it takes to lead our party forward.”
Senthan Thirugnanasampanthan
York University Young Liberals

“Sandra Pupatello is a strong voice for Liberals of all ways of life in Ontario. As a young woman from rural Southwestern Ontario I believe that Sandra is the only candidate with the wisdom and strength to lead our party and this province. Sandra’s leadership and charisma are what we need right now as a party and what the province of Ontario deserves. I am pleased and honoured to be among so many friends in my support of Sandra Pupatello for leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.”
Cassandra McKenna
Vice-President, Trinity-Spadina Young Liberals
Former President, Wilfrid Laurier University Young Liberals

“I am delighted to be supporting Sandra Pupatello for Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party as her passion and enthusiasm has inspired Ontarians of all ages to reinvest in the party. Her concrete and tangible vision for Ontario and the future of this party, along with her integrity and fiery determination, is what we need to lead us into the next election.”
Emmaline English
President, University of Ottawa Young Liberals

“As Vice-President of the Ottawa-Vanier Young Liberals, I can only think of one person fit to be our next Premier and that woman is Sandra Pupatello. Sandra, has proven herself as a hard-working Minister, and demonstrated that she is able to get any job done through her capable management of her many portfolios. She brings with her tenacity, experience and grit that is needed to be the Premier of the best province in the best country in the world.”
Thomas Simpson
Vice-President, Ottawa-Vanier Young Liberals

“The vision that Sandra Pupatello holds for Ontario is the right direction for moving our province forward. Through her willingness to cooperate and her determination to strengthen the economy, I believe that Sandra is the best candidate to be the next Premier of Ontario.”
Yuchen Li
Director of Policy, University of Western Ontario Young Liberals

“I decided to support Sandra Pupatello because I know she would be a great, personable, and responsible leader. Her ideas about the economy are both fresh and necessary to continue growth in Ontario. Focusing on global market, Sandra is building an economic policy that can strengthen us in the long term. We as Ontarians need her as leader if we want a leader who will protect us and make us better.”
Jake Loree
Vice-President (Finance), University of Western Ontario Young Liberals

“Sandra Pupatello represents the kind of leader the Liberals, and Ontario, need right now. She brings remarkable experience in government and in opposition and has always been held in the highest regard by her constituents and peers. Sandra does not put herself in a box. She is not of the left nor the right, but the centre. She is a true pragmatist and represents the combination of compassion and fiscal responsibility that defines the Liberal Party. Anyone who has seen Sandra in action can attest to her commitment, tenacity and great sense of humour. I truly believe that Sandra is the candidate most capable of taking on the NDP and Progressive Conservatives in an upcoming election and winning back the trust of Ontarians. It’s time for a leader who is straightforward, feisty and smart. It’s time for a leader like Sandra Pupatello.”
Adam Austen
Vice-President (Membership), University of Toronto Liberals

“As a young woman in politics I’m fortunate to have a role model like Sandra Pupatello. She has a vision for Ontario that includes building up our economy and focusing on jobs. Her leadership is what is needed within the Party and within the province. It is important we build up support in rural areas like mine and I believe she’s the candidate to do it.”
Kaisha Thompson
Treasurer, Ontario Young Liberals
President, Bruce Grey Owen Sound Young Liberals

“I’m thrilled to be supporting Sandra Pupatello for leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. At a time when politics is becoming extremely polarized, her track record of being socially progressive and fiscally responsible is exactly what Ontario needs. I cannot think of a better candidate to build consensus and unite our province.”
Eric Pegolo
Vice-President Finance, Young Liberals of Canada

“Sandra’s work as an opposition MPP and Minister is extremely impressive. After hearing her speak to a group of youth, I knew that she is not just the future of our Party but the future of Ontario. As the Ontario Young Liberal Recruitment Director, I have never seen a community leader engage and excite so many young people like Sandra did here in Ottawa. If Sandra is elected leader, we will not only be in good fighting-shape for the next election, but the Party will be able to attract the next generation of strong Liberal leaders to guide our province.”
Christopher Salloum,
Recruitment Director, Ontario Young Liberals

“I’m excited to support Sandra Pupatello for Premier. I know she will take Ontario forward the right way and that she understands the challenges youth face in this economy. As a long-time member of the Ontario Liberal Party I know she will engage the party and Ontarians in a way that brings shared success.”
David Valentin
Vice-President Communications, Young Liberals of Canada

“Sandra has all the necessary qualities to lead our party and our province. She is passionate, charismatic and excelled in every post she held during her 16 years as an MPP, including 8 years as a Cabinet Minister. She is the best candidate to create jobs, improve the economy and create a better future for all Ontarians. This is why I am supporting Sandra Pupatello to become the next leader of the Ontario Liberal Party”
Paulina O’Neill,
Communications Director, Ontario Young Liberals

“At a time where we, as a party and a province, have made huge strides in improving the quality of education and healthcare in Ontario, we cannot afford to allow an opposition party to steer our progress off track. I am proud to lend my support to Sandra, who will lead our province forward as the next Premier of Ontario”
Veena Bhullar,
United Red Chair, Young Liberals of Canada
President, Etobicoke North Young Liberals

“Sandra Pupatello is, without question, the BEST candidate for leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. She is the only candidate that can win the next election by bringing together a unique coalition of individuals with different perspectives from across the province with her strong economic and social cabinet credentials. My vote will be going to Sandra; yours should too.”
Asquith Allen
Vice-President Federal, Ontario Young Liberals
President, York University Young Liberals

“I am supporting Sandra Pupatello for leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party because she represents the future that both the party, and the province, deserve. The current status of the economy requires action and new ideas, both of which Sandra will provide. She is a proven hard-working, dedicated and determined individual whose experience best suits her to be the Premier of Ontario if elected.”
Melinda Stevenson
Southwestern Regional Coordinator, Ontario Young Liberals

“At a time of change for our party, we are in need of a dynamic individual who will be able to lead the Ontario Liberal Party in the right direction. Sandra Pupatello is accountable, approachable and dedicated to working endlessly for the betterment of everyone in Ontario. I am confident with her track record and leadership qualities that she has gained from opposition, government, and the private sector, that she is the right person to lead our Province. For that reason I am honored to be supporting Sandra Pupatello.”
Ally St.Jean
Eastern Regional Coordinator, Ontario Young Liberals
President, Stormont Dundas South Glengarry Young Liberals

“Sandra Pupatello is best equipped to lead a province as diverse and robust as Ontario. As Premier, students can be assured that upon graduation, jobs in Ontario will be awaiting them. Meeting social responsibility with fiscal accountability, Sandra is precisely what Ontarians need.”
– Tahiya Bakht
South Central Regional Coordinator, Ontario Young Liberals
President, Hamilton Center Young Liberals
Executive Vice-President, McMaster Young Liberals

“As a Windsor native, I have been lucky to have Sandra as my MPP, but even luckier to have grown up with a tough, outspoken, and dazzlingly witty woman to admire. I support Sandra Pupatello in her bid for Leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party because she is the only one whose voice will reach people across Ontario.”
Meaghan Salmons,
Past President, University of Windsor Young Liberals

“I am supporting Sandra because she is direct and honest, a fiery speaker, and her message about the economy is spot on – it resonates with me. There is no doubt in my mind that, as Premier, she will make Ontario’s economy the envy of the world.”
Colin Brown
President, Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale Young Liberals

“As a Young Liberal from Windsor I am absolutely thrilled that Sandra Pupatello is running for leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party. Her proven track record as someone who has brought jobs to this province is exactly Ontario needs at this crucial time. This is why I am endorsing Sandra Pupatello for leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.”
Caroline Jacobson
President, University of Windsor Young Liberals

“Every once in a while in politics, one comes across the type of person who genuinely cares about making a positive difference in the world – a politician with a magnetic quality that brings people together – a leader with a fire within them and an unmistakable passion to serve the people who they are elected to represent. It brings me great joy to stand in support of Sandra Pupatello for the leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party.”
Tiffany Gooch
Immediate Past Executive Director of the Ontario Young Liberals
Toronto North West VP of the Ontario Women’s Liberal Commission

“Without a doubt, Sandra is the one to lead this party and this province. Her straightforward approach is marked by integrity and honesty. She can solve partisan gridlock and build a coalition that unites our province instead of dividing it. The economy is at the forefront of the global agenda. In her rapport with labour and in her business background, Sandra can unify the province behind this vital goal. With Sandra at the helm, students can rest assured that upon graduation, their economic futures will remain bright.”
Matthew Ing
President, McMaster Young Liberals

“Sandra Pupatello is the kind of leader that both the Ontario Liberal Party and Ontario need. Not only is she intelligent and unafraid of challenges, but with her strong voice, strong vision and years of experience in both the public and private sector, I believe Sandra can and will successfully lead our Party and move our province forward.”
Gia Sameniego
President, Brampton Springdale Young Liberals

“I support Sandra Pupatello because she is a dynamic, vocal female candidate with experience in both government and opposition. When she was in office, Sandra brought businesses to Markham. When they encountered financial trouble during the recession, she worked to get them back on track. Sandra Pupatello was there for my community, and will be there for yours too.”
Melissa Qi
Markham-Unionville Young Liberal President

“I’m honoured to support Sandra Pupetello’s campaign to lead the Ontario Liberal Party. Her focus on economic development and innovation as a way to strengthen the economy is the future I want to see for this province. The best days are ahead with Sandra leading the way.”
Frank Tersigni
President, Wellington Halton Hills Young Liberals
Vice President Internal Affairs, University of Guelph Young Liberals

“When I think of qualities that I want to see in the leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, I see a strong woman with experience, focus on job creation and someone who isn’t afraid to say what needs to be said. To me, Sandra Pupatello is all of these things and more. As a student, one of my biggest fears is not being able to find a stable job once I graduate.
Sandra is the candidate who is going to fight for students and all Ontarians to ensure that we have steady, well-paying jobs. I also respect and appreciate Sandra’s work with and for women – as a young woman I want to see a leader who has previously and will again fight for equality. Her strong track record and spirit inspire me, and make me proud to endorse Sandra Pupatello as the next leader of the Ontario Liberal Party and next Premier of Ontario.”

Elizabeth Davidson
Executive Vice President, Etobicoke North Young Liberals

“Sandra is a kind, tenacious and proven leader, with vital skills and experience to bring to the table. I find it incredible that she has been successful in numerous portfolios both in and out of government. Whether it be in her work as Minister of Education or Minister of Economic Development and Trade, her community involvement or her private sector experience, Sandra has proven time and time again that she is the best candidate to lead our province at this crucial time.”
Bismah Haq
Social Director, University of Ottawa Young Liberals

“It is both an honour and privilege to endorse Sandra Pupatello to be the next leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. As a graduating student entering the workforce, I understand the importance of building an economy that is based on a foundation of stable, well-paying jobs. With Sandra’s wealth of experience, passion to serve and strong vision for Ontario, there is no doubt in my mind that if elected Leader, Sandra will bring extensive prosperity and innovation to the Province of Ontario as Premier.”
Jess Stark,
Past Executive Vice-President, University of Guelph Young Liberals

“Sandra Pupatello stands out to me as a candidate for leadership with real potential to be Premier and who operates in a different league from the others. It will be a boon to have her experience and charisma lead this party.”
Kellie Mildren
Vice-President Events, Queens University Liberal Association,
Vice President Membership, Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale Young

“Sandra Pupatello’s campaign for Ontario Liberal Leader has encouraged me to get more involved with the party and to get to know my region of Southwest Ontario at a greater level. I believe that she has what it takes to bring Ontario Liberals back to the area I grew up in, in Kitchener-Conestoga, and be the strong leader our party needs for years to come.”
Sam Miceli
Vice-President External, University of Guelph Young Liberals

“Sandra Pupatello is a strong female leader who will lead Ontario in the right direction. Not only is she enthusiastic and motivated, she takes the time to connect with the youth of our great province. As someone who will be graduating soon, I’m happy Sandra has focused her campaign on jobs. Looking forward to being part of her team and part of the change Ontario needs.”
Maddy Porter
Vice President Provincial, Carleton University Young Liberals
Vice President Organization, Ottawa Centre Young Liberals

“Sandra Puptello is by far my choice for leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, and for the leadership of Ontario. It isn’t just her policy acumen, but also her ability to articulate complex policy issues that make her exactly what both the province and the OLP needs.”
Jay Pandya,
Treasurer, York University Young Liberals

“Sandra Pupatello is the right choice to be the next Premier of Ontario. She knows the economy, and she knows how to create jobs. Sandra also knows that it’s not only the cities that count, but rural Ontario as well. As a rural Liberal this is incredibly important to me. I know that Sandra would make a great leader, and a great Premier!”
Alex Watson,
Bruce Grey Owen Sound Riding Executive
Carleton University Young Liberal

“I am supporting Sandra Pupatello to become the next Ontario Liberal Party leader, because I am convinced she possesses the most versatile experience in the political and economic arena, which would properly ensure this province gains ground socially, as well as fiscally. Her expertise as a community leader would not only be invaluable in the process of mending fractures within Ontario, but also building bridges that will positively affect our future as Ontarians.”
Hezekiah Davies
Recruitment Director, Brampton West Young Liberals

“Sandra isn’t only a great person for the job but, most importantly, she’s the right person for the job. During these tough economic times, Ontario needs a leader who will bring ample experience, tenacity, and fire to continue building on our province’s successes by really kick-starting and securing the economy. She has done this before, and she will do it again. She has a dynamic personality that will unite and inspire confidence; her authenticity will win the trust and support of people from all walks of life. Sandra is the change that is needed in the Ontario Liberal Party and in Ontario”
-Julie Nguyen
Glendon College/ York University Student Senator

“As a student, I’m thrilled Sandra has made the decision to run for the leadership and more importantly that she has made jobs a key issue in her campaign. As the costs of post-secondary education continue to rise in this province, Ontario Liberals have worked tirelessly to reduce the burden on students during this important time. We need a leader that connects with students on the major issues such as jobs, and a candidate who has what it takes to fix the economy in Ontario. In my mind, that candidate is without a doubt Sandra Pupatello.”
Sean White
Vice President Social, Carleton Young Liberals

“I would like to declare my support for Sandra Pupatello as Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. In her role as Minister for Economic Development and Trade, she created hundreds of thousands of new jobs, attracting more foreign investment than anywhere else in North America. With competitiveness and innovation as the backbone of our economic future, the need to further guide this process will remain a priority for years to come. From this example I find that Sandra has a proven record, has exceeded expectations, and would make a great leader for the party and Ontario.”
Andrew Vittas,
Policy Director, York University Young Liberals
Student Senator, York University

“I’m supporting Sandra Pupatello because she is the strongest candidate at making compelling progressive arguments about the economy, and has a strong record of taking progressive stances on social issues. She simultaneously is the most experienced candidate and the one with the most refreshing take on what the party needs to do moving forward to renew itself. There is no doubt in mind that, despite the strength of this field of candidates, Sandra Pupatello would make the strongest Premier.”
Daniel Nowoselski
Director of Community Outreach , Ottawa Centre Young Liberals,
Head of the Ottawa Queer Liberals