Party Official Support


“She is the best candidate in the race. She is the candidate who knows how to beat both PCs and New Democrats. She is the candidate who can win. I respect Sandra very much. She is a remarkable person, and an outstanding leader. She is the one who can win in every part of the province. She has never lost an election, in her many years in politics. Sandra’s a winner! I urge all delegates and delegates-to-be to join her team.”

Elinor Caplan
Former MPP for Oriole and MP for Thornill, former cabinet minister in the provincial government of David Peterson and the federal government of Jean Chrétien.


“I believe the people of Ontario are looking for the fresh new approaches and solid economic credentials that Sandra Pupatello brings. That’s why I strongly endorse her as the next Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party and as the next Premier of Ontario. Sandra has a rare combination of public, private and non-profit sector experience, giving her a broad overview of what makes our province tick. More importantly, she understands that enhanced economic development and global trade are the keys to our future.”

Belinda Stronach
Former federal Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development and former MP for Newmarket-Aurora.


“I’ve knocked on just about every door in Burlington. I know that Sandra is the best candidate to speak to these voters, understand them and win back this riding. She’s got the experience and leadership we need to move Ontario forward.”

Karmel Sakran
Past Liberal Candidate for Burlington


“To continue our work in leading Ontario to a stronger economic future, we need a leader with experience, grit, and an ability to speak to the needs of Ontarians. Sandra has these qualities, and I am confident that she will be the next in a great line of Liberal leaders, and a Premier we and all Ontarians can be proud of.”

Khalil Ramal
Former MPP for London-Fanshawe


“It is strong, successful women like Sandra that drove me to get involved in politics at a young age. She was a champion of issues in Southwestern Ontario, and a great representative of her own constituents. She is my choice as our next Liberal leader, and will make us all proud as the first female Premier of the province.”

Stephanie Barry
Former candidate for Sarnia-Lambton


“With Sandra as Premier, London would benefit from her focus on jobs and the economy. Sandra’s government and private sector experience ensures she is ready to tackle the tough challenges for Southwestern Ontario associated with job creation in a time of global economic uncertainty.”

Roger Caranci
Former London city councillor and past federal Liberal candidate


“In the Ontario Liberal Party, we are fortunate to have a number of qualified candidates running to be leader and Premier. I am endorsing Sandra because I have seen first hand her excel as both an opposition MPP and as Minister. In addition to being a strong advocate for Windsor, what really impressed me was her strong understanding of a wide range of issues affecting all parts of Ontario, including my hometown of Toronto. Sandra has proven that she has excellent political judgment, the ability to build a strong team, and true liberal compassion shaped by her experiences in both social and economic policy. Our party, and all Ontarians, would benefit greatly from her honest approach and leadership.”

David Caplan
Former MPP for Don Valley East


“It’s been my great honour to serve alongside many great leaders of both our provincial and federal Liberal parties. What I saw in the strongest and most successful of our Liberal leaders – some who became Premier and Prime Minister – was a tenacity for their work and representing the people they served. Sandra has these qualities, paired with unmatched success as a cabinet minister. She holds the necessary skills the Ontario Liberal Party needs to renew itself in this important period, and the experience to lead it forward to future successes.”

Don Boudria
Hon. Don Boudria P.C. Former MPP for Prescott-Russell


“I am supporting Sandra to be the next Leader of our Party and Premier of Ontario because I am confident that Sandra reflects the values and vision of myself, our Party and our Province.

Sandra has demonstrated leadership and compassion in her life in public office and additionally has important experience in the private sector.

I believe Sandra will help strengthen our economy in the challenging financial months and years ahead and will help deliver job growth in all corners of our Province.”

Megan Cornell
Past Liberal candidate for Carleton-Mississippi Mills


“Sandra Pupatello is one of those political leaders who comes around all too infrequently. Ontario will benefit from her experience, her will and determination.”

Eric Cunningham
Former MPP for Wentworth North


“Our Party is about to go through an important transition, a transition which will require strong leadership and the necessary skills to navigate the coming course. Sandra not only possesses these skills, her wealth of experience as Minister in diverse portfolios – particularly through the economic downturn – has proven her mettle when times are challenging. I’ll be at Sandra’s side as she leads Ontario in 2013 and beyond, and I encourage all Liberals to do the same.”

Murray Elston
Former MPP for Bruce and Interim Liberal Leader


“Sandra’s the right person for these economic times. Her record is sterling and her capabilities proven. I support her for Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.”

Jack Heath
Deputy Mayor of Markham and former OLP President


“In decades of political involvement, I have witnessed Sandra being a strong advocate for the healthy and necessary growth the Ontario Liberal Party needs to become a truly provincial party. In this campaign, she is unrivalled in her ability to speak to the concerns of Ontarians from every riding and corner of our province, never forgetting that we can only be stronger when we reach out, rather than turn inward. She will make a great Liberal leader, and a great Premier for all of Ontario.”

Ross Lamont
Former OLP President

“Sandra Pupatello is unique among the leadership candidates both in her experience and her personality. She understands that the foundation of a strong economy is well-paying, sustainable jobs and that the Ontario economy needs investment. Her experience in the private sector has left her with a solid understanding of how to make this happen. Not only does she have the abilities to help Ontario’s economy, but the personality to make that a reality. Her dynamic personality energizes those around her and helps her engage not only with party members but more importantly, with the average Ontarian.”

Mark MacDonald
Past Liberal candidate for Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry


“As the Federal MP for Markham – Unionville I feel confident telling my constituents that Sandra will fight for them, and work hard to deliver on the issues that matter most to them. As an economist I know that Sandra has the big picture in mind when it comes to Ontario’s economy and her emphasis on sustainable, well-paying jobs and attracting domestic and foreign investment to Ontario is the way to build a more prosperous Ontario. I support Sandra, because I know she has the vision and drive to bring about real change in the Liberal Party and all of Ontario.”

John McCallum
Hon. John McCallum PC, MP for Markham Unionville

“Ontario needs Sandra Pupatello as the next Premier and Leader of the Liberal Party. As a past Liberal candidate and having worked with her I know she has both the vision and experience to protect jobs and prosperity for all Ontario communities. Her proven track record as Economic Development and Trade Minister shows she has the grit and determination to safeguard our manufacturing sector and secure the gains we have made to bring new jobs and investment to Ontario. I believe the people of Ontario will share my confidence in Sandra and return the Liberal party to a majority in the next election.”

Jacquie Menezes
Past Liberal candidate for Oshawa


“As a former Party President, Member of Provincial Parliament and a Co-Chair of the 1999 campaign, I have seen what it takes to win. Sandra Pupatello has what it takes. She has the guts, energy and commitment to a better Ontario that the leader of our party will need in the next election. With real experience in leading our economy, an unwillingness to be distracted by side issues and a lifelong commitment to the liberalism of change and progress, she is our best choice.”

Tim Murphy
Former MPP for St. George-St. David, former OLP President and co-chair of 1999 campaign


“It was a great privilege to serve alongside Sandra as an MPP for over a decade, in both opposition and in government. Her skills as a leader were tested and proven often when she was a minister, and our party and our province are lucky to have a woman of her caliber returning to run for leader and premier. She knows that all facets of our government play an important role – particularly health care, and that our economy can only thrive when they each work together for the betterment of all Ontarians.”

Richard Patten
Former MPP for Ottawa Centre


“I will vote for Sandra Pupatello because she will be able to lead my party forward. She has the experience & vision to keep Ontario on the correct path, and the determination to tackle the big issues facing our province. Sandra’s experience working with the business community means that she is ideally situated to build & grow Ontario’s economic potential & her straightforward approach to dealing with issues is exactly what we need.”

Mario G. Racco
Former MPP for Thornhill

“I am proud to support Sandra Pupatello for the Leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party. Sandra has a sound grasp of Ontario’s public policy needs over the next decade and she has an energizing and straight-forward approach to political activity that draws people to her. She knows that we live in a global world and that Ontario’s economic strengths will ensure that we sustain the social programs that truly make us a civil society.

Our own party needs to have a new way of doing things in government, and I am convinced that Sandra will bring refreshing change, solid direction and real energy to the party and the province.

She can lead our party to success in the next election. And she will be a fine Premier. I am happy to be one among the many hundreds of people who are part of her team.”

Barbara Sullivan
Former MPP for Halton Centre


“I have endorsed Sandra for leader after having witnessed her being a strong voice for rural Ontario as Minister of Education and as Minister of Economic Development. She listened intently to the concerns of constituents, acted decisively, and ensured our communities got the necessary help they needed to provide the services we need and keep our jobs secure.”

Carol Mitchell
Former MPP for Huron-Bruce

“I am extremely proud and excited to endorse Sandra for leader of our party and the next Premier of our great province. I had the great privilege to work alongside Sandra, to see her unmatched work ethic and strength of character, and her approach to serving the public that allows her to understand all corners of Ontario. She will lead the party to further success, and the province to a stronger economic future.”

Jean Marc LaLonde
Former MPP for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell



“I am proud to support Sandra for Premier. Her personal qualities, her deep understanding of the diversity of our province from North to South and East to West and most certainly her knowledge of South Western Ontario all mean she is more than ready to tackle the big issues with passion, backbone and grit.

This time the Leadership Convention will be different. We will be electing a Premier. There is no time for on-the-job training. Her skills and experience as an MPP in senior social and economic portfolios, her work in the private sector and her passion for Ontario mean she is ready to govern and start working on everyone’s behalf immediately, day one.”

Pat Hoy
Former MPP for Chatham-Kent-Essex



“I am glad to support Sandra Pupatello as our party’s next leader and Premier of Ontario. Her record in government is excellent. She is highly regarded throughout Ontario, inside and outside of Queen’s Park, both as a member of Cabinet and of the Opposition in the Legislature. Her record of economic leadership is effective and successful, and has led to real economic growth in the province. I am honoured to support this highly skilled and effective woman, and wish her well.”

Robert F. Nixon
Former MPP for Brant 1962-1992; Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, and Treasurer of the Province of Ontario


“Sandra is certainly one of the most natural, authentic politicians I have ever encountered. She has a great way of connecting with people of all ages and backgrounds. She’s bright, passionate and incredibly hard-working. And what’s more, she’s fun to be around.
Sandra has a really good understanding of Ontario, of its people and its promise. Her own life story is a testament to the possibilities and the promise of Ontario.

When Sandra and I served together at Queen’s Park in the mid to late 90s, I was always impressed by her dogged determination and her resilience as we battled the Harris juggernaut. Thinking of those days and those battles, I can well imagine Sandra taking on the Tories and the NDP both in the Legislature and on the hustings.

Sandra was a very successful Minister of Economic Development. She did a fabulous job of selling Ontario products and services around the world. Her business experience inside and outside of government makes her a very attractive candidate for the premiership of Ontario at this critical time. She understands that we have to create wealth before we can redistribute it.

The Sandra Pupatello I know and worked with at Queen’s Park is a genuine Liberal. She is deeply committed to the liberal values of fairness and opportunity and the positive role that government can and should play in supporting the realization of these values.”

Sean Conway
Former MPP for Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke, 1975 – 2003; former Minister of Education, Minister of Mines, Minister of Skills Development and Minister of Colleges and Universities