Caucus Support


“Sandra’s support for ideas that move the entire province forward makes her the best choice for rural Ontarians. I have always been impressed by her hard work and dedication, and I’m confident she will be the kind of leader and premier that all of rural Ontario can stand behind.”

Jeff Leal
MPP for Peterborough


“In nearly 25 years of serving residents in Scarborough and Ontario, I have come to learn what matters most to them. Ontarians want a leader who will give them a fair shake, and work to make sure that secure, well-paying jobs are available now and in the future.

Sandra knows that our economy must rest on a foundation of sustainable jobs, and her experience and vision for our province are what motivate me to endorse her as the next Premier and leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.”

Bas Balkissoon
MPP for Scarborough-Rouge River


“Sandra’s Northern vision will help move the entire province forward. She’s the best choice for Northerners. I’ve known Sandra for a number of years. I have witnessed her dedication and hard work on behalf of all Ontarians, and I’m confident she will be a leader and Premier that all Ontarians can be proud of.”

Rick Bartolucci
Minister of Northern Development and Mines and MPP for Sudbury



“Over the past nine years, the Ontario Liberal Party has worked hard to prioritize the things that matter most to Ontarians. We are moving into an exciting time of renewal for the Ontario Liberal Party. Sandra Pupatello has a strong record of making Ontario a better place for children and families, and of helping to build made-in-Ontario jobs. I know that her experience in attracting investment to Ontario will help Etobicoke-Lakeshore continue to grow.”

Laurel Broten
MPP for Etobicoke-Lakeshore



“As a former cabinet colleague of Sandra’s, I bore witness on a daily basis to her hard work and enthusiasm for her ministerial responsibilities. Her approach reflects her belief in tackling issues head-on, and being unafraid to speak about the tough and challenging issues we continue to face as a province. For these reasons, and more, I believe Sandra to be the best choice as Ontario’s next Premier and leader of our party.”

Donna Cansfield
MPP for Etobicoke Centre



“The top priority for families in Ontario is jobs and economic growth. Sandra had an extraordinary record as Ontario’s Economic Development and Trade Minister whose efforts still resonate today. Her experience and knowledge of what it takes to build a strong economy are exactly what Ontario needs today. There is no better person to lead our party and our province than Sandra Pupatello.”

Brad Duguid
Minister of Economic Development and MPP for Scarborough Centre



“I strongly believe that Sandra will be a dynamic Leader of our Party and a remarkable Premier for all Ontarians. While I have a great deal of respect and affection for all the candidates who have put their names forward, Sandra is the one who, in my opinion, will best represent the interests of Northerners. She never backs away from a fight and her vision for economic and social prosperity has always been an inspiration to me.”

Michael Gravelle
MPP for Thunder Bay-Superior North



“I am encouraging everyone to support Sandra Pupatello because she understands what rural Ontario needs as we continue to move forward. She has a proven track record in job creation in rural communities and respects our unique cultural strengths in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell. Sandra will be a strong Premier for the people of our riding, and all of Ontario.”

Grant Crack
MPP for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell



“I am delighted with the calibre of candidates in the leadership race of the Ontario Liberal Party. I support Sandra because I know how she works. She is a true Liberal. She is frugal with taxpayer money but she knows that we have a social responsibility. I admire Sandra because she is a natural leader. She will lead this party forward and as the next Premier, she will win the next election. Finally, as a Francophone, I know that with Sandra, the Franco-Ontarian community will have an unconditional ally.”

Madeleine Meilleur
MPP for Ottawa-Vanier



“Sandra’s goal to make well-paying, secure jobs for Ontarians the priority of her campaign speaks to her knowledge of what will keep our province a global economic powerhouse. We have the resources. We have the workforce. We have the ability to do great things. What we need now is a leader who can harness our strengths; who knows what it takes to achieve greatness. Sandra is that leader and that is why I support her candidacy to be Ontario Liberal leader, and our next Premier.”

Mike Colle
MPP for Eglinton-Lawrence



“Sandra has placed a high priority on jobs and economic development, which are consistent with the needs of Ontario communities. Secure, meaningful employment is one of the key requirements for economic revitalization and safer communities, and those are my priorities in York South-Weston. With valuable experience in economic development and business, she is best equipped to maintain a strong economy and bring well-paying jobs to our province.”

Laura Albanese
MPP for York South-Weston



“Sandra Pupatello will bring both experience and a solid vision for Ontario’s future to the leadership of this party. Having worked closely with her at Queen’s Park, I saw first hand her intelligence, energy and enthusiasm. Among her many strengths is an ability to connect with ordinary Ontarians and understand the role our government can play in helping them achieve success.”

Hon. John Milloy,
MPP for Kitchener Centre



“It is imperative that the next leader has a strong appreciation for the interests of Northern Ontarians. After working closely with Sandra for many years I know that she firmly understands that job creation and strengthening the Northern economy are key priorities and she will seek the advice of Northerners to provide the ideas and shape the economic programs we need to benefit our communities.”

David Orazietti
MPP for Sault Ste Marie


“I have worked with Sandra closely and know firsthand the formidable energy and drive she will bring as Premier of Ontario. As Minister of Economic Development, Sandra knew what it took to grow the economy in difficult times, bringing investment and well-paying jobs to our province. When I had the privilege of working for her, she would email at 2 AM wanting to know what could be done to save jobs at a company that was being closed. More than anything else, it is this kind of genuine concern for Ontario families that I have come to admire about Sandra.

As Ontario faces both great opportunity and daunting challenges, Sandra’s relentless drive and ‘can do’ attitude is exactly what we need. I support Sandra because I believe she will not only be a great leader and Premier, but that she will also do great things.”

Dipika Damerla
MPP for Mississauga East-Cooksville



“The way forward in Ontario is a sustainable economy, supported by secure, well-paying jobs. Sandra understands this. I support her because I know her – she puts job first, because she has the front-line experience of attracting and securing new jobs in our province.”

Michael Chan
MPP for Markham Unionville



“If we as Ontario Liberals are to surmount the challenges facing us as a party and a province, we need a leader with vision and experience in building a strong, secure economy. Sandra has already done this. As a minister, she brought jobs, and renewed confidence during the recession. She will help us keep our momentum, build on our province’s successes, and lead Ontario families to a better, safer economic future.”

Joe Dickson
MPP for Ajax-Pickering



“All the leadership candidates have great qualities. However, I believe Sandra has something extra that makes her an excellent leader. Of course she is astute, articulate and experienced, but her dynamic personality has the power to energize, unite and inspire, not only the Ontario Liberal Party, but also all Ontarians.”

Dr. Helena Jaczek
MPP for Oak Ridges-Markham



“I have had the great privilege to know Sandra for many years, both personally and professionally. I have worked with her and I have seen her deep compassion for people, and her ability to bring parties to the table to resolve important issues. During her 16 years as MPP for Windsor-West and 8 years as a Cabinet Minister, she has demonstrated nothing but passion, dedication and drive. For these reasons I believe Sandra has the necessary experience to lead our great province for the years ahead. I am proud to support my friend Sandra Pupatello, and I encourage all members of the Ontario Liberal Party to support her as well.”

Teresa Piruzza
MPP for Windsor West



“I am endorsing Sandra Pupatello for leader. As Deputy Leader, she helped lead our party to government. As Minister of Education, Community and Social Services and Women’s Issues, she made a real difference for our families and communities. And as Minister of Economic Development and Trade, she saved and created jobs during the worst recession since the Great Depression. Sandra is unmatched as a communicator. Her vision and experience will move Ontario forward.”

Bob Chiarelli
MPP for Ottawa West Nepean


“I was an Ottawa City Councillor when I first met Sandra. She approached me to join the McGuinty team and carry the Ontario Liberal flag in Ottawa-Orleans. Nine years later, I remember Sandra as one of the first people to welcome me and guide me through my rookie years at Queen’s Park. Sandra will be a fierce opponent to Tim Hudak and she knows how to beat the NDP – Something she has done several times in her own riding, and something we will need to win the next election – and I believe that we can.

“I think it will be crucial to present to Ontarians in the next election a leader who will be straightforward, will spend tax dollars wisely and will tackle one of the largest concerns in the province, and in my riding – jobs. I can’t think of anyone else who can bring the same combination of experience so well suited to the needs of Ontario during these tough economic times. Sandra’s experience in opposition, in government, and in the private sector means that she can bring results to Ontario – and I believe that she will. Sandra is exactly what we need and what Ontario needs.”

Phil McNeely
MPP for Ottawa Orleans



“There’s a simple reason why I am endorsing Sandra for leader: what you see is what you get. Beyond that authenticity, which is a too rare in politics, what you see with Sandra is also as impressive as any public officeholder in Ontario. She has a fifteen year record of public service – representing Windsor in both opposition and government, and in a number of important cabinet posts. She brings vigour to her job, to her colleagues and, above all, her work. That energy will serve our party and our province at a time when it’s missing and sought after.”

Bill Mauro
MPP for Thunder Bay Atikokan



“As a friend, colleague and fellow Windsorite, I’m endorsing Sandra Pupatello as the next leader of our Party and Premier of Ontario. Liberals know that Sandra has the experience and tenacity to drive job creation and keep Ontario moving forward.”

Dwight Duncan
MPP for Windsor Tecumseh