Dear Friends,

I am an Ontario Liberal.

I grew up in this party. This party is my home.

For as long as I can remember, I have devoted myself to proudly carrying the Ontario Liberal banner, in my beloved hometown of Windsor and beyond.

I became a member of the Liberal Party at the age of 14. Even back then, I always knew it was where I belonged.

I am an Ontario Liberal because ours is the party of unity, not division. Ours is the party of big ideas and big dreams. Ours is the party of tomorrow – which I believe we can only reach together if we are working together.

I am an Ontario Liberal – and I have been so privileged to have served as the MPP for Windsor West for 16 years, and as a Cabinet Minister for 8 years.

As a Minister, I was most proud to have led trade missions around the world – helping hundreds of local companies grow and bringing hundreds of new companies into Ontario – creating thousands of jobs across this great province.

I am an Ontario Liberal – and that means I reject the dogma of our political opponents. One who believes that a few big corporations should get whatever they want – and the other, who would give some big labour interests whatever they want, too.

I am an Ontario Liberal, and I believe there is a third way – one that brings all together, and leaves no one behind. A middle way that serves no one special interest – and instead serves a greater interest: the happiness and prosperity of every Ontarian from across this province – North to South, East to West, rural to urban.

To me, first and foremost, our Number One task is clear: jobs. Jobs, jobs, jobs! The best way to secure a happy future for every Ontario family – and for our generations to come – is to build an economy on a foundation of stable, well-paying jobs.

If chosen to be leader of this great political party, that will be my main focus, and my main task: to foster the creation, and maintenance, of good jobs. Because the best economic policy is the one that recognizes the dignity, and the security, provided by a well-paying job.

I want to serve this province again. I plan to lead my party to victory and to a better tomorrow. With your help, with your support, I know I can do that. I know we can win again.